About Us

Our family believes that not all homes are equal.

They differ in sizes, shapes, locations, and even uses, as the family lifestyles changes. Depending on the size of your family and dwelling habits, kitchens get the most traffic overall in the average home – whether you only microwave craft dinner, use the garbage can, boil tea, your kitchen serves as the heart of the home.

I’m Earl, allow me to enrich your kitchen experience. I have been a professional carpenter since 1989, specializing in designing home interiors that suits the lifestyle of the users who inhabit them. I believe that your home should represent who you are and should accommodate your cultural, social and traditional aspects of you, for it to truly be “your” home.

Pro Kitchens & Baths

In 2005, Pro Kitchens & Baths was established to break the stereotype and to meet the demand of those customers who either became weary of the ‘one style fits all’ approach of Kitchen and Bathroom Suppliers, or of immigrants who appreciate homes that catered to their specific socio-cultural and traditional heritage. We also saw the need to address the issues paraplegics face, by designing kitchens and baths that readily fit their functional demands.

My work is truly unique from start to finish, along with process. Majority of our work is Kitchen Design, and Bathroom. We design both commercial and residential spaces.

Today, our diverse team of design and build professionals continue working behind the scenes to deliver you truly impeccable and unique designs, transformed from your very own imaginations to suit you and your home best. Durham Region is very near to us, and the GTA is very dear to us. Be the ultimate host with your Unique Kitchen & Bath, with it’s Truly Unique Design.

“We believe that your kitchen should be able to cook whatever you want to eat, with ease.”