10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Unique

With the plethora of kitchen designers and design styles available in our day, more and more consumers are ditching the one-size fits all approach, for unique designs that suit their lifestyles.

Here are 10 elements that will enhance your kitchen space on a budget:

1. A touch of Nature

You can opt for a windowsill plant, a wall garden, a herb garden or better yet a High-Tech Herb Garden – the possibilities are endless. Because plants are known to be excellent, natural air purifiers, the trend continues to grow especially in metropolitan areas where air quality can at times be inappropriate for consumption. For others the benefits of adding plants to the kitchen include sharpened focus, better humidity and for nature lovers just for the sake of natural, consumable everyday greenery. Plants are known to be a source of oxygen and breathe life. When properly placed in a kitchen, plants can greatly enrich the mood of your living space.

2. Statement Piece

When the culinary workstation becomes the party hub, a good statement piece can become your best natural conversation starter. Statement pieces are not new and they are sure to stay, for one simple reason – they ‘wow’ every single time, that is when done right of course. Whether you’re working on a tight budget or just can’t handle your deep pocket, a statement piece, when done right, can bring the best of both worlds.

3. Ingenious Food Storage Solutions

A properly executed storage strategy can eliminate storage problems for the life of your kitchen. Clever kitchen organization does not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your space but also enhances safety and longevity of your foods. The benefits of thinking outside the box when assessing your food storage needs during the design process can also mean massive savings when working on a tight budget.

4. Impeccable Lighting

Good lighting is not only reserved for hollywood movies, and great lighting will make or break a date. When lighting a kitchen, safety must be given priority and as our experts suggest, lighting “greatly contributes to the overall look and functionality of a space”. According to Stefani Forster of Realtor.ca, ‘light should be considered very carefully ….. as the right lighting can make a room look bigger, create ambience and draw attention to focal points’. On a budget, internet websites like DIY Network have tips on pushing your own creativity while a professional will help you explore dimensions out of your dreams at an extra cost.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors add life to and light, make dormant spaces more fun. As our friends at houzz.com suggest, mirrors can be very versatile design elements and can not only be included in your cabinetry, but also as means to disguise features you want to hide. Whether your budget is big or small, a good application of the mirror theory can serve it all.

6. Breakfast Nook

A google search for breakfast nooks draws over 62.8 million search results indicating that the trend is he to stay, at least for for the next foreseeable future. These warmth generators are ideal not only for families with children, but can help create the illusion of a designated area for leisurely brunch or dinner, or help even the most reluctant early riser ease into the morning routine. Their prices are usually relatively low, and if your space can accommodate a built-in nook, think twice and build lasting fun. And while you’re at it, great upholstery or artwork can transform for kitchen space and make it unique.

7. Ingenious Storage Solution

Most people who run out of space in the kitchen are not necessarily to blame. Most kitchens have a one-style fits all design and can barely provide sufficient space to the most basic cookware. A good space-making hack call for some effort, creativity, and well, a bit of frustration. Smart storage solutions are some of the least restrictive features of a unique kitchen in terms of design and cost, however, every square inch matters regardless of the size of your kitchen space So go crazy with your creative storage ideas and achieve something unique.

8. Hidden Appliances

Some homeowners and designers enjoy the look and appeal of commercial style appliances in residential spaces, while others believe it lacks luster. Some however, have found ingenious ways of incorporating technology and design, while remaining traditional in style and trendy in appeal. Though the costs and benefits are still relatively subjective, the appeal of hiding in plain sight is sure to make your kitchen unique.

9. A Touch of Culture

Afterall, all you may need is space, some color and a flair for design to bring the ocean into your kitchen, or the amazon into your dining room. When considering a themed kitchen, decorating with emphasis on color can be very essential to the realization of your project. For example, blue, turquoise or a combination of similar colors, light and techniques can help you create a beachfront feel without the beachfront exposure.

10. Show some Cheftitude.

The chef with attitude can present any dish with a flair, thus keeping your guests entertained. Remember, a good kitchen still requires a good cook to make the food taste great. Be inventive but know your limitations. Master some unique spices or new wines and consider reconfiguring your dining room as well. There’s always room to improve in kitchen so find your Cheftitude!